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“Thank the staff at Fantasy Islands for all of their assistance with our recent seminar on Maui… The feedback from our      participants regarding Fantasy Islands was all so positive…” Kristi Paget-Werz, Certification Coordinator

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Awesome selection of condos available direclty from the owners Island Wide. NO middle man. 808-873-7477

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Fantasy Islands operates with the highest quality personnel.  Our staff is comprised of experienced management, professional trip directors and knowledgeable sales associates.  To further service our Hawaii visitors and offer them the ultimate vacation experience, our specially trained agents offer an itinerary planning service to choreograph all their activities and tours during their vacation stay.

Maui Activity Discounts are available for most Maui Activities. When you call in early, you receive a special promotion for that month. You need to call and inquire.

Maui Vacation Rentals- Our clients may view accommodations with one of Maui's premier companies. The Maui Forum. Call for details


“…successful group…you definitely will stand out in my mind…personal zeal and enthusiasm…roaring success…” Hal L. Van  Tassel, Assistant General Manager

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E Komo Mai (Welcome)-Maui, The Magic Isle

Maui has been voted “Best Island” by readers for more than a dozen years. It’s heavenly beaches and exotic wonders, Maui is notably the best Island in the world.
When you visit Maui, you'll Discover your own reasons to love Maui as you stroll the white sandy beaches. You'll experience the power of Haleakala or discover the arts and culture of Kahului and Iao Valley. Maui's Golf Championship tournaments are held annually while others navigate and explore the scenic Road to Hana. When you become a guest of Maui, it will prove to be a memorable part of your life. It’s no wonder why thousands of migrate to Maui’s warm waters year after year. One visit to Maui and you just might join them.

Maui Farmers Markets

Maui has outstanding farmers markets with a variety of locally grown produce, fresh cut exotic flowers, hand made crafts, gifts, clothing, and of course baked goods.  Many of the vendors may provide you with a sample of their fresh young coconut, homemade jellies, or some fresh cut mango. Once you taste that juicy sweetness of locally grown fruit, you will love to take some of that with you along your journey while visiting Maui. If you are looking for some great souvenirs, craft fairs are the #1 place for specialty items such as hand crafted Koa pieces, paintings or other types of art that will stay with you for generations to come. If anything else, you will enjoy to take a step off the well known areas that visitors travel and become a part of our local lifestyle for a while. You’ll Love It! Find your craft fair at this calendar.

  • Know your swimming ability
  • Obey warning signs
  • Keep children close and under a watchful eye-even if they are wearing a floatation devise
  • Always have a snorkeling buddy
  • Keep your eye on the Waves-Never turn your back to the Ocean
  • Snorkel near rocks, reef, or any object underwater-Fish don’t wander around barren sandy areas
  • Snorkel in the morning-More Activity
  • Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen!
  • Relax and respect the marine life by not stepping on Coral or touching turtles